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We pride ourselves on learning what matters most - great service, exemplary safety and flat fares that have only changed once since our inception.  Our Passengers, their families, co-workers, friends and neighbors have appreciated their keen insights to help them make the right selection.  Our reputation is such that other companies attempt to duplicate and seek our referals.

"WOW where am I??? Chicago?? New York??  I feel like I am getting big service in a big city... yet i am living here in Morgan Hill!   I travel all over the place, I use taxis and uber, lyft and professional cars, and MH taxi is at the top of the game in terms of professional drivers.    

I've used their service a few times now, and it's consistent.  They check my flights to know if my flight is on time, delayed etc.  They are always ahead of me, at the curb and at my house before I expect them, etc.   They are always courteous and always keep their word.   This means a lot to me, being very far from an airport and needing to be on-time to the airport.  I've used other services... and I have to tell you there is nothing worse than not knowing if someone is showing up, waiting, checking your texts, and still waiting... this service makes you feel like you should - important.  Your time is money.   I will not use another service, there is not another service out there like them!

I really appreciate them and care for they have for their clients (me).." AK

"We Use this service whenever we need transportation. They are more like calling a family member to give you a ride.  The company is reliable and timely. Will use them mostly for airport runs for our whole family. However,  we have also called them for local trips.  They are always on time and communicate with you so you have a sense of security.

Hamid and his drivers take the time to get to know you as a person not just client. You are greeted with kindness. He asks about our family and our journey. He shares wonderful stories as well.  They will also respect your time of quiet as well.  

I highly recommend this service.." MA

"Morgan Hill Taxi is very reliable, professional and always on time. They are great people and I'm happy to support their local business. They are there for me every time I need a ride/car service! We are lucky to have great business owners in Morgan Hill." SM

"This is the best taxi service I have ever used hands down.  They gave a courtesy call before they came and were right on time. Very nice car to pick us up in and the driver, He was outstanding. When we got to our destination he told us to text him for a pick up time.   We ended up getting a ride home, and being a little dazed when we left our destination totally forgot to text back... Turns out he sent a taxi looking for us as we were out in the country out of cell range and was concerned that we couldn't get ahold of him. Whoops!  Super considerate on his part. We called back later and apologized profusely and instead of being upset he was very congenial and said not to worry about it. I would definitely recommend Morgan Hill Taxi to anyone!." KH

"We've used this taxi service several times now and I'm happy to recommend this local business to my friends and family.  Knowing that they are driving, I felt comfortable having them take my niece to Milpitas on a day that I was out of town." ZH

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